1.The attached building to the Middle Mosque in the village of Kraishte

In the past year, we contributed for the finishing works of the building. The building’s    purpose being hosting Qur’an courses, lecturers, and other religious activities for women and girls. We provided them with carpets, doors, flooring, kitchen, winter heating equipment and much more. We were able to collect and donate equipment and materials for over 20 000 Euro.

2.Qur’an printing and distribution 

We ordered for printing 500 Qurans with the Bulgarian translation to distribute to the    Muslims in Bulgaria as part of our da’wah program, which was successful, and all the Qur’an are already distributed.

We are partnering with another Turkish organization that has provided us with additional 200 Qur’ans and is going to give us an additional 500 Qur’ans as well.

3.Educational cards for adults and children on the 5 Pillars of Islam

We have completed a da’wah project aimed at children and adults. We created 50 cards, comprising questions and answers about the 5 Pillars of Islam. In the form of a Q&A game people get to learn about the basics of Islam. We are partnering with the Turkish Diyanet who are going to issue us 3000 sets of the cards in Bulgarian and 2000 sets in the Turkish language as well.

We hope to extend this project in the Arabic and English languages as well (by selling the rights to the printing and distribution of the cards).

4.Help with the fire in the village of Krastava

We helped the people who suffered from the fire in the village of Krastava, where over 10 building were burnt down, and many people were left without a home. For a few days we were able to collect and donate on behalf of the Foundation, nearly 4000 Euro to the mayor of the village (as shown in the picture).

5.We help sick and needy people too, when such an opportunity arises for us

For the man in the picture, we helped with medication and money for an urgent operation.

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